Friday, November 14, 2008

The Chesterfield Berry Farm in VA 10/2008

We tryed to get her to sit up behind the pumpkin but she kept pushing back. She was also not sure about this big orange thing either!

Abbie is just about perfect size for the tricycle but obviously not strong enough yet. She did enjoy my mom helping her sit on it and knew to grab the handles which was kinda cool!

She loved trying to eat the hay! I think she also liked the way it felt. She grinned alot while she was playing in it!

Abbie loved the corn bath at the farm. She loves to put everything in her mouth so I was digging corn out every other second. She had a good time in it and it is good sensory therapy for her too.

This year they let her ride the Barrel Train in Kaylee's lap. She reached for the wheel right away and started to steer! She actualy rode this 2 times and liked it alot.
The Chesterfield Berry Farm is in Chesterfield, VA. My mom lives there and we went to this farm last year for the first time. It was so fun that we decided to take the kids again. The older 2 boys and Lee had a football game so I took off to VA with Abbie, Kole and Kaylee. Last year Abbie was not able to do anything. This year was different and She really enjoyed herself!


Melanie said...

I just have to say that I love that picture of Abbie in the hay. And say hi to your mom for us. Nate and Mel

Shay said...

Love the new pictures! What a sweetheart! The farm sounds like a wonderful place!!!

Genevieve Ross said...

I love the picture of Abbie in the hay. So sweet!

Unknown said...

I love the pictures. Kaylee looks so thrilled riding that train. I still just can't believe how much Abbie is growing.