Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just some Picture updates!

Every Christmas Eve my children open one gift and it is always their Christmas P.J.'s! I try to get a great picture of them in front of the tree but with 5 it never works out so this is the best one from this year.

This is in VA at my mom's house at thanksgiving. The kids hate that I love pictures!

Abbie had a blast in the Fall leaves in my mom's front yard! Kaylee actualy had to put her arm under her head because she kept disappearing!

The kids don't get leaves here so they all enjoyed it. We also got their help in raking, and bagging leaves! They just thaught it was playing!!!

Abbie slept great when we went to DC. She was covered and bundled so well she could not even move. I guess she figured she mine as well sleep!!!!
We had a wonderful Holiday season. We hope you all did as well. I will post an update soon!