Thursday, November 20, 2008

Heaven's Special Child

A meeting was held quite far from earth, It's time again for another birth. Said the angels to the lord above, this special child will need much love. Her progress may seem very slow accomplishments she may not show, and she'll require extra care from the folks she meets way down there. So lets be careful where she's sent, we want her life to be content. Please, Lord, find parents who will do a special job for you. They will not realize right away, the leading roll they're asked to play. But with this child sent from above, comes stronger faith and richer love. And soon they'll know the privilege given in caring for this gift from heaven. The precious charge so meek and mild is heavens very special child.

(This is coppied from a friends blog but I thought it was so sweet)

Friday, November 14, 2008


Abbie was the "SWEETEST" tootsie roll you have ever seen! She did not mind the costume at all. I figured she would hate it but she acted like she didn't even have it on!

This is a cousin picture. We went trick or treating with my sister and her family. The cow, skeleton and pink fairy are my nefews and niece.
Halloween was fun! There were 11 kids to chase so we were pretty busy. It did rain but the kids did not seem to mind so we stayed out.

The Chesterfield Berry Farm in VA 10/2008

We tryed to get her to sit up behind the pumpkin but she kept pushing back. She was also not sure about this big orange thing either!

Abbie is just about perfect size for the tricycle but obviously not strong enough yet. She did enjoy my mom helping her sit on it and knew to grab the handles which was kinda cool!

She loved trying to eat the hay! I think she also liked the way it felt. She grinned alot while she was playing in it!

Abbie loved the corn bath at the farm. She loves to put everything in her mouth so I was digging corn out every other second. She had a good time in it and it is good sensory therapy for her too.

This year they let her ride the Barrel Train in Kaylee's lap. She reached for the wheel right away and started to steer! She actualy rode this 2 times and liked it alot.
The Chesterfield Berry Farm is in Chesterfield, VA. My mom lives there and we went to this farm last year for the first time. It was so fun that we decided to take the kids again. The older 2 boys and Lee had a football game so I took off to VA with Abbie, Kole and Kaylee. Last year Abbie was not able to do anything. This year was different and She really enjoyed herself!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Strength and New Accomplishments

Abbie is still doing great in her stander. I wanted to post a few pics of her in it so you could see all of it's angels to get a better idea of how it works.

She will last longer everytime we put her in it and it really seems to be giving her strength and stretching her legs out.

She stays in it for at least 10 minutes evey day but if she is getting entertainment from her siblings she does not mind staying in a little longer!

The braces you see on her ankles and a ways up her claves are called DAFO's. I don't know what that stands for but they support her ankles from rolling and make it a little easier to stand.

Abbie is gaining stength very steady. I have had quite a few people comment on how strong she is getting lately! She has finaly figured out how to roll from front to back! This does make tummy time a bit hard since she no longer stays on it long. It has however made her more tolerable towards being put on her tummy. I think it is because she no longer feels traped. If she wants off of it now she just rolls over. It is fun to see her do it! I do not think it will be too long and she will be rolling both ways and we will be looking for her under things!!!! She is also sitting on my hip with me just holding her with one hand for support as I walk! This is such a great relief to me. I know people think I am crazy but after 2 1/2 years it is so nice to have a free hand to use! Her head control is there and her back muscles are comming along just fine.
As I mentioned, Abbie will stay in her stander for longer periods of time if her siblings are entertaining her. They have decided that they can push her through the hall running pretty fast and she loves it! I think she feels somewhat like she is independently mobile. They will also do this when she is in her highchair as it is on wheels as well! She will "play" with them for a very long time doing this! I love to see them interacting this way. I also think Abbie knows that she is actually "playing" with them!
I have many more pics to post and things to "write" about but for now I will end. Stay tuned for some cute halloween pics!