Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An Update

Abbie has been doing well. She will be three on Monday March 16 and I will post a big update then. For now a few things.
The neurologist is pleased with her. We will be doing another EEG soon because it has been a year since the last one but he does not think it will show anything different. This is great! He will be another yearly Doctor.
The Endocrinologist was great. I was worried they were going to want to put her on growth hormone right away. He actualy feels like it is not a hormone issue. He said if he lined up 1,000 girls Abbie's age she "might" have 1 or 2 shorter then her. If we lined up 1,000 girls Abbie's age no one would weigh less then her. And if we lined up 1,000 girls Abbie's length no one would weigh less then her. Because her weight is so much more greatly affected then her length he does not feel like it will be an Endocrin thing. He wants her to go to the Gastroenterologist. This will probably be a few months away because of all of the paper work and scheduling. We did do blood work. This is always a fight with Abbie. She does not like to give us her blood. We had to stick her three times and they were not sure if they got enough. They called this week to let me know it was not enough and we have to go get it done again. What joy =( I'll let you know what comes of it.
We have also done all of the testing for school. The IEP meeting is scheduled for her birthday, Monday, March 16. I am alittle worried because the school she will have to go to does not have equipment small enough for her and she will need to start the next day to keep up with therapy. They will not even dicuss equipment until the meeting so I may not be sending her for anything but the 30 min of therapy for each therapist until the equipment is available. Pray this all works out please.
Look for the new update next week after Abbie is the BIG 3!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Updates on Peter!!!

Peter, my friends baby, is doing fantastic. They did not expect him to make it after all of the complications he had. He is now on the schedule to be moved to the regular floor today and possibly go home by the end of the wekk! Praise God for his goodness. Thank you to all who have been praying and please continue to pray for a full recovery.