Sunday, December 14, 2008

A New Food Group

This is the spoon Abbie ate over Thanksgiving break!!!!

We went to VA to visit my mom for Thanksgiving. We had a great time. The wole family got to go this time. EVEN LEE! On Tuesday we decided to go to Washington DC. We wanted to get there and eat breakfast but Lee had to have Starbucks on the way. Abbie was awake so we got her an oatmeal. I was driving and Lee sat in the back to feed Abbie her oatmeal. He comented on how he could not believe she had not broken the plastic spoon she was biting so hard on it. The next bite we heard a crack and when the spoon came out there was a good size piece missing. We were also to late to get it. I guess the oatmeal made it slimmy and it slid right down her throat! She did not have any problems but I was worried about it cutting her insides. We were about 10 min from the hospital my mom works at so there we went! The staff was great. They said it would not show up on xray but if she could eat and drink OK then it made it to her stomach. She ate the rest of the oatmeal in the ER (with a metal spoon ofcourse) and did fine. So, being me, I dug through poop for the next few days looking for a spoon!!! I never saw the actual piece but there was a wierd diaper with black stuff. They said that was probably it because her stomach acid is stong enough to begin to digest it. Who knew! We have decided to give her 1 piece of plastic spoon a week because she was able to poop beter that week then any other time. (just kidding ofcourse)!
The cool thing is while we were there the nurse informed us that she was sure there was another family with a child with Abbie's same diagnosis that came there and lived in the Richmond area. I gave her my contact info to give to the family and with in 3 days she contacted me. She is a very sweet lady that has not been in contact with other 1p36 families. We talked on the phone for a while and I am hoping she joins our support group online! Hey, all things happen for a reason ha?!!!!