Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Please Pray For Peter!

This is Peter Ellsworth. He is a friends baby. He is 2 months old and needs your prayer. He had heart surgery yesterday Feb. 24th to conect his pulmonary artery to his lung. He came through surgery fine but last night at around 3:00 am his heart stopped. They had to resuscitate him and could not get his heart to work on it's own. They put him on the heart/lung machine. The Dr. is not giving any outcome. He could come through, come through with brain damage, or not make it through. The chance is the same for all situations right now. He has a caringbridge site if you would like to stay updated with what is going on with him. I ask for your prayers for this family and little Peter.


Shay said...

mitrawww Peter is beautiful. So sorry he has been through so much in his short time..we will certainly keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers. Sending love..

hailie said...

i will prary for your baby

Melanie said...

Of course we will pray for him and his family! Give Abbot big hugs and kisses for me!