Sunday, February 15, 2009

Orthopedic Appointment and New DYNA SPLINTS

Abbie does not mind the splints, as you can tell by the big smile!

She looks like she is thinking pretty hard. I'm not sure if she is wondering about the splints or if she is trying to figure out how to not fall over!
Abbie had an appointment with ortho at the end of January. He is pleased with her bones and joints. Nothing new has changed. There are 2 things that have always been a concern and are on going.
The first is her thumb joints. She does not extend her thumbs out completely and this could cause contractures in the joint. We ordered a pair of braces for her hand long ago and she has worn them quit a bit. Now, they want them on her 2 hrs off 30 min all day long. There are so many other things to work on in OT that the thumbs are not priority all of the time. This will keep them stretched almost constantly. She does not mind them but the velcro closures scratch her face so we put socks over them. I will try to get a picture so you can see how they look.
The second thing is the back of Abbie's knees have never stretched out straight. We have worked on this from the begining. They started out at about 30 % and we have gotten them to around 10-15%. We feel as if they now need a constant stretch to get them the rest of the way stretched. Ortho ordered the DYNA SPLINT. We just got them on Thursday. I can not believe how big they are! Abbie does not seem to mind them. She started out with 1 hr a day and will build up to 5 hrs a day. We are hoping this does the trick!
We have also stared to see a behavioral Anylist. I will tell you all about this new appointment when we get all of the plann of action sorted out. I am very excited for this new adventure. I think it is going to be a great help for Abbie and me!
We have 2 other new appointments to add to our list of Dr.'s. This month we will see a neurologist and an endocrinologist for the first time. I will keep you posted on how these appointments go.


Genevieve Ross said...

She's getting so tall!!! Great news on the MRI results. Hopefully next year's will bring more good news. That is interesting they had to do a jugular vein IV. I am glad it all turned out well.

Kim said...

Kim - Hey! I enjoy seeing you all too! we will get a date on my calendar this week at PT. Abbie's smile is beautiful with those new braces!!!! We love pics too! Are you a scrapbooker at all? I am so gald to ahve met you even though we have not been able to spend too much time together!!! - Kim Abbott